Project Process

Project Process is a Live Writing project. The project is on hold until further notice…. So no live streaming for a bit. The documents are all still available online for viewing.

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This idea comes out of desperation. There is a story inside me aching to be told but I am met with a major obstacle: a sexual assault which associated trauma with writing. In the grips of PTSD I have been struggling to trust the Process (of healing, of writing) and as such, I refuse to go through this Process alone and have chosen to make it a public event.

This is a statement on the impact of sexual assault as well as a way to document the turbulent Process of healing.

It also exposes the creative Process: an entire saga is to be created publicly in a way that would not be possible without today’s technology. It is a statement on the potential of co-creation, collaboration, and creative support.

Ultimately I want you on my side, rooting for me, as I overcome the obstacle laid out in front of me. My success or failure will be succinct with the statement this Process of Live Art makes.

Access Project Process here. (link to google documents folder)

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How can you engage with Project Process?

You can leave comments on most of the google documents or post your thoughts in the facebook group. The best place to start is by reading EXODUS by Paint as it is the most complete draft, everything else is supplemental and based on this original draft.

You can write and submit your own thoughts or questions about characters directly to me at I do accept collaboration on this project, so if you write fan fiction or your own characters in the Exodus universe you can submit them (or general questions) on the tumblr; I will also post highlights that I have written there.