Beneficiary Revenge (or Get that Shit away from me)

Not in my name, not for my healing, not because you think I deserve justice and somehow you’re qualified to dole it out. I’m talking about revenge in behalf of others. How many people offer to break the legs of the guy who assaulted me? A few. Would it accomplish anything? No. When we see […]


‚ÄčEverything I want is right here. The people, the goals, the ability and the opportunity. It’s hard, seeing it and understanding it and knowing it and wanting it. It’s scary because it seems so fragile, all these pieces of what I want could all tumble away from me. I query over what I’ve lost and […]

What is Glitterpunk?

Glitterpunk is loving without giving a fuck. Glitterpunk is dancing till your bones fall out then dragging a broken butterfly chair out into a standing only dance floor and rocking out more. Glitterpunk is a sex repulsed straight-edge demigirl dancing longer and harder during a festival than anyone else. Glitterpunk is a white guy connecting with […]