Changes with Medication

I went two years without medication. This period of time was vital to my self-understanding and to invoke consent for a lifetime of possible treatment. Now that I have been on medication for a few months I realize I am re-wiring my brain and getting used to different/new ways of thinking. With these changes, I […]

Empowering Stories & Authenticity

I recently started listening to the Personality Hacker podcast. One of my friends typecasted me as an ESFP when I had thought I was an ENFP, but this shift in understanding, if I look at myself as an ESFP is way more empowering. In it, I am a person who is driven by Sensation and […]

Awakenings & Binding

I feel it is of utmost importance that we share our deep and honest selves, as I believe in a world without ridicule, guided by triumph. I had an experience recently, the details of which I can share are limited. It proved to me that my ideas of spirituality, around my psychosis, were real and […]

it was unjust

You can feel it, the unshakable gaze of someone who finds themselves feeling as if they know you, looking at a shell of what you aren’t. I knew I couldn’t get better here, that I needed to sink away slowly. The expectation and the fear, that I would lose control, if I stopped taking medication […]

Honouring Mental Illness

I was raped by three different people with schizophrenia. I have bipolar and am neurodivergant (a vague and overarching term for nuances I could work through to no end, but includes an executive functioning deficit which affects my ability to sort thoughts in my head and slower processing time for events). There’s two contrasting and […]

Indigo, Starseed, Bullshit

I’ll start off by saying that I self identify as Indigo and once I was confronted in a dream to know if I was an alien. I said I was, but that this is not my first life on earth. These were once words my conscious self would not utter, but I often reflect on […]

spiritual objectification of struggle

Now, I totally am guilty of buying Louise Hay everything and smothering my walls in her affirmation cards. I am ok with her take on things as she is open about being a survivor herself. It’s true these stories about the real meaning of illness can help people …. it’s definitely helped me. However, believing […]