Power & Consent in Mental Health

This is a post about mental illness and medication. When I was sick, really sick, my consent kind of fell away. I did as I was told because I knew it was the only way out and back to freedom. Sometimes, it’s the doctors job to tell you really bad news, like, if you want […]

Nomadic Polyamory

When I google Nomadic Polyamory, it brings up tales of world travelers, finding love in corners of the earth when our presence there is fleeting. That is not what I mean by Nomadic Polyamory, but it is a phrase I have started to casually use as the best descriptor I can find of my current […]

it was unjust

You can feel it, the unshakable gaze of someone who finds themselves feeling as if they know you, looking at a shell of what you aren’t. I knew I couldn’t get better here, that I needed to sink away slowly. The expectation and the fear, that I would lose control, if I stopped taking medication […]

Honouring Mental Illness

I was raped by three different people with schizophrenia. I have bipolar and am neurodivergant (a vague and overarching term for nuances I could work through to no end, but includes an executive functioning deficit which affects my ability to sort thoughts in my head and slower processing time for events). There’s two contrasting and […]

when openness is safety & honesty is learning

Shame and secrecy shut me down. I was raised with a very specific way of being which did not serve me. The paradox of being held in cognitive dissonance when who I was did not align with who I was supposed to nor what society expected of me and when those expectations didn’t make sense […]