The shift from Victim to Survivor

It’s not a straightforward transition and no one should rush you through it. I believe I have finally made this crucial shift and so will share what I know of it. First off, no one call tell you that you are a victim or survivor, as they can not know what you are experiencing internally […]

Privacy & Integration

For a while there, my own reflection on my Instagram page was what gave me hope. A selfie to celebrate waking up and a moment to bask in the glory of my gender fuckery when the mascara darkening  my cursed moustache was perfectly applied. Of course, this testament to my own hope was open because […]

when openness is safety & honesty is learning

Shame and secrecy shut me down. I was raised with a very specific way of being which did not serve me. The paradox of being held in cognitive dissonance when who I was did not align with who I was supposed to nor what society expected of me and when those expectations didn’t make sense […]

Recovering from Love(?) Addiction

Polyamory offers a simple allure: love freely and wildly. At least, this is what it was to me. But if my heart beats to a rhythm of a 24 hour clock then there is only so much romance to give. I realize, in our world of hyper connection, internet friends and all that is 7 […]