Dystopia Daydreams

I have had to overcome fear of my creativity. At one point I was with someone who strangled and tortured me hoping to know more of my creative insights. It was not an attempted murder but it felt like I survived murder as it instilled in me fear that this person had the power to […]

Right to Revoke Control

The right to take back control is implied and always present. We fight for control in our lives all the time. Sometimes we do this through self-mastery, sometimes we do it by trying to control others, sometimes we gain control by giving it away….. wait, what? I have had control taken from me violently, forcibly […]

Writing After Hiatus

I have nicknamed March “Sobbing Writers Month”, in which I am planning to do what I am calling an “Intensive”. It is my intent to immerse myself in my novel universe and reclaim it. It is hard to pinpoint when I stopped writing, but the halt was solidified after an assault, which I have addressed […]


‚ÄčEverything I want is right here. The people, the goals, the ability and the opportunity. It’s hard, seeing it and understanding it and knowing it and wanting it. It’s scary because it seems so fragile, all these pieces of what I want could all tumble away from me. I query over what I’ve lost and […]

What is Glitterpunk?

Glitterpunk is loving without giving a fuck. Glitterpunk is dancing till your bones fall out then dragging a broken butterfly chair out into a standing only dance floor and rocking out more. Glitterpunk is a sex repulsed straight-edge demigirl dancing longer and harder during a festival than anyone else. Glitterpunk is a white guy connecting with […]

Power & Consent in Mental Health

This is a post about mental illness and medication. When I was sick, really sick, my consent kind of fell away. I did as I was told because I knew it was the only way out and back to freedom. Sometimes, it’s the doctors job to tell you really bad news, like, if you want […]