Purity Culture & Overcoming Boob Hate

I was raised to be modest. There was a lot of expectation to keep myself covered. As such I internalized a lot ¬†of boob shame. Between sexual assault and coming out as genderqueer this got amplified and I developed a love-hate relationship with my chest. I’ve always been sexually awkward, in part due to the […]

Overcoming Sexual Brokenness

My entire young adult life my sexuality has felt like an under developed work in progress, riddled with shame and internalized stigma. I am excited to be in a place where I can really start to explore and experience feeling my sexuality as healthy, and progress beyond awkward buttsecks jokes on instagram.  What is helping […]

Monumental Shift

I did a spell of transformation. It was successful. I have inverted my motivation matrix. “I cannot write because of him” has become “I will create so much and love so loudly that my pain from him will become nothing but a whimper in comparison to the stream of creation I will spew out”. I […]

Power & Consent in Mental Health

This is a post about mental illness and medication. When I was sick, really sick, my consent kind of fell away. I did as I was told because I knew it was the only way out and back to freedom. Sometimes, it’s the doctors job to tell you really bad news, like, if you want […]

The shift from Victim to Survivor

It’s not a straightforward transition and no one should rush you through it. I believe I have finally made this crucial shift and so will share what I know of it. First off, no one call tell you that you are a victim or survivor, as they can not know what you are experiencing internally […]

Stretching out of Allignment

I’ve been hesitant to write anything when truth feels uncertain and the earth is in so much flux. I want to expand and grow my understanding of things but it takes me to a place where I look at myself like a stranger I don’t understand. I see layers and synthesis and codes between words […]

Honouring Mental Illness

I was raped by three different people with schizophrenia. I have bipolar and am neurodivergant (a vague and overarching term for nuances I could work through to no end, but includes an executive functioning deficit which affects my ability to sort thoughts in my head and slower processing time for events). There’s two contrasting and […]