Right to Revoke Control

The right to take back control is implied and always present. We fight for control in our lives all the time. Sometimes we do this through self-mastery, sometimes we do it by trying to control others, sometimes we gain control by giving it away….. wait, what? I have had control taken from me violently, forcibly […]

Monumental Shift

I did a spell of transformation. It was successful. I have inverted my motivation matrix. “I cannot write because of him” has become “I will create so much and love so loudly that my pain from him will become nothing but a whimper in comparison to the stream of creation I will spew out”. I […]

Power & Consent in Mental Health

This is a post about mental illness and medication. When I was sick, really sick, my consent kind of fell away. I did as I was told because I knew it was the only way out and back to freedom. Sometimes, it’s the doctors job to tell you really bad news, like, if you want […]

Reverse Glorification

How much of dogma is currpted magik with pure intentions. To move backwards through the meanings of things like power and control, how do we claim it without purpetuating backwards that we know.  The world made me feel helpless, so I asked my lovers to also instill this feeling. It was a darkness that out […]

Rising out of pain cycles

It’s the hamster wheel struggle. Round and round with no way out. Reactions which were at first adaptive become mind traps. Oppression breads hatred. Kindness does not resist, does not know how. Infused with new knowledge, I sent sigils out. My chaos reflects back at me, my magik can only adapt myself. DO I change […]