Chaos Magick Wedding

So we have still have 2 years to go until my epic 4/20, 2020 wedding. However I am still deep in planning. I am a chaos magician so that is seeping in. Here are a few of the ideas that I have going on.

1. Guestbook Hypersigil

So I designed a sigil that our love will influence world peace. Grand I know, but they say world peace begins within. I put it on a large piece of cardstock. For now I am storing it on my bookshelf to charge.

At my wedding I will provide instructions on sigil making and invite people to add their own sigils and intentions to my own, which we may later burn. 

2. Sigil Keepsake

In addition to that I am thinking of making a keepsake painting with a sigil for Happy Marriage with the guests sigils added.

3. Dutch Clogs / Sigils on Shoes

So I am doing something to acknowledge every part of my heritage. I will have Norwegian Spoon Earrings, Scottish Pants with my family Tartan, etc. I am getting dutch clogs and am painting them white and adding silver sharpie sigils. My fiance, who is also a Chaote, will decorate the other shoe.

4. Sigil Decorations

There actually aren’t a lot of sigils on this but it was another place to put and reinforce my “Happy Marriage” sigil, though its on the back so you can’t actually see it in this picture.

5. Pagan Ceremony

We are actually doing two ceremonies, our  public commitment ceremony and then a private legal handfasting. In our public commitment ceremony we will do rituals to acknowledge the four elements/directions.


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