Let Abusers Step Forward

I would give anything to hear him say “I did it”. Just a simple acknowledgement would go a long way towards healing.

In light of the #metoo hashtag, multiple men have started stepping forward with their stories. How we react will determine if others will too. I won’t tell others or survivors how to react, but I will share how I am reacting and why.

I am reacting with gentleness, because its hard to own up to criminal and unethical behaviour. I want this to be out in the open so we can heal it. 

If this small response can go viral in its own way, with its own hashtag maybe, that would be a step in the right direction. Maybe “#idid”.

Maybe it can be small things too, like “#idid contribute to rape culture.” “#idid ignore signs that my friend was abusing his partner” “#idid sexually assault someone.”

Its uncomfortable and messy sure, but would societal wounds heal any other way? We need people to step forward. We need to heal the toxicity within them to promote growth in our society, so they can be empowered to heal those wounds in others, so they can find ways to be accountable to their actions.


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