Let’s reframe ~ a stream of consciousness

If fake news is true, this is just a bunch of first impressions. Let’s have a conspiracy theory, if Russia government feeds news feeds with take a knee, for or opposed, it clutters our minds from paying attention to real things, like those concentration camps they allegedly have. Now I won’t claim to know what’s going on, but what’s happened to our media now that it’s been reduced to meme pages and jokes. I don’t even know where to report to that someone was arrested from waving a pride flag in Egypt, who is gonna post about that? (Here is a statement from the band about the event.)


We take so much for granted in Our Queer Media, our movement is a joke in the One* place in the world where we have rights.

(* allegedly western world)

My friend from Egypt reached out to me about this, wanting to spread awareness and to be honest, I had no idea where to send him, no reputable news sources came to mind. My first instinct was that I definitely couldn’t do anything about it, which was frustrating. All the popular LBGT pages I follow are largely meme pages coping with the dismay of our existence. This has alerted me to a problem in Our Queer Media, which varies from panicked to existential dread. We aren’t getting taken seriously, and worse, we aren’t taking ourselves seriously.

I’ve struggled with using my voice for anything since the online harassment I went through. I honestly shut myself down because I didn’t want to associated as a Social Justice Warrior anymore, everyone else had the more shrill reaction that LOLcowers milk for resulting in Queer media that no one takes seriously. The aim of trolls is to amplify our voices in exactly the wrong way so that we become a sea of echoes in predictable pain, our tragedy exploitable and ignorable. Our battle is to maintain our stance and our ability to take ourselves seriously and not become disillusioned with our reality, triggered into states of unreality and fighting waves of disbelief. We need to connect with our own inner power and not rely on their validation to maintain our voices.

I was decried for not being a good example of trans people (largely based on assumptions and no evidence) and I let that rhetoric get to me. The truth is, as I see it right now, is that society does validate me and I am getting the gender affirming treatment I seek. I am blessed and lucky. Lucky to be born in the society I am and able to access the resources I need.

What I know now, is that I need to learn to use my voice again, and help Our Queer Media become something we take more seriously.


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