Launching Project Process

Project Process is a live interactive piece of art that will span several years of creation. The idea is to write a saga, from its infancy to completion, publicly. Why am I taking this Process public? It is because I am struggling in private, as a survivor of a sexual assault which has affected my creative ability. This project is about the process of healing and creation. It is about the process of recovery from sexual assault. It is a documentation of what I’ve been through and it is refusing to suffer alone. I have shared a link to a google folder which contains all of my working documents so that all my work is automatically live and updated as I create. Some people may choose to wait until after the masterpiece is created to engage with the work, others are invited to interact and comment on my fictional universe which sexual assault almost took away from me. By making it public, I am sharing my gift with the world and no longer hiding in shame about my difficulties writing. I am taking my personal struggle public. I am owning the process of creation.



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