Seeking Completion & Integration through Art

I recently went to a festival, Astral Harvest, where I did my poetry set “Reality Hacking, Alchemy & Queering Manifestation“. It was the biggest and most highly rewarded event I’ve ever presented at. In addition to my experience at the festival, I have now launched a podcast called Reality Hacker Church.

I went into Astral Harvest with the intention of integration as my personal, poetic, professional and spiritual sides of myself collided. I have come out feeling incomplete, as if this integration process is just beginning. I am realizing that I need to create in order to stay and feel well; as I have recently explored and confronted suicidal thoughts on my YouTube channel. I am not done with these thoughts forever probably, but I have been able to put them aside in the name of creation. I realize that when I am not sharing, I am in pain, and so creation/sharing I must do. I think this urgency of creation is related to my goal of integration, in that I feel incomplete while these projects sit inside me unfinished, so getting them out helps bring me to a place of completion; completion being my lifes journey of creation.

This unsettled feeling of a incomplete experience is haunting me into getting work done, and I have recently manifested a life style that will allow me time for more creative freedom and expression. Magik is real, as I have discovered for myself, and I explore how it is real to me in my project Reality Hacker Church. I’m very excited and inspired to work which is a way I have not felt in a long time. Never have I had the creative freedom and opportunities which are unfolding for me now, so expect lots from me, I have much to give.


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