Purity Culture & Overcoming Boob Hate

I was raised to be modest. There was a lot of expectation to keep myself covered. As such I internalized a lot ¬†of boob shame. Between sexual assault and coming out as genderqueer this got amplified and I developed a love-hate relationship with my chest. I’ve always been sexually awkward, in part due to the […]

Changes with Medication

I went two years without medication. This period of time was vital to my self-understanding and to invoke consent for a lifetime of possible treatment. Now that I have been on medication for a few months I realize I am re-wiring my brain and getting used to different/new ways of thinking. With these changes, I […]

Heavy Backpack

I have published a kindle ebook verison of my first poetry chapbook. These poems capture a moment in time of my life while I couldn’t work on bigger creative projects due to an assault. The collection reflects my resiliency and recovery as I used poetry to survive a difficult period in my life. Kindle ebook […]