Burnt out – amory

I’ve been polyamorous for 6 years. I realized aside from one serious relationship in my youth I’ve been polyamorous most of my adult life.

I recently tried something I called “Nomadic Polyamory”, that is living across multiple spaces with multiple partners. It was just 2, plus my own home space, essentially meaning that for a few months I functionally had 3 homes.

Maintaining that many home spaces was complicated, between that and working full-time, it was essentially impossible. It was a failed experiment in radical ways of living. I thought that having homes with different commutes would be adaptive to when mobility is an issue for me and my bad knees. However I found it hard to relax or settle into the various spaces, felt like I always missing part of myself or like I needed to rush to the next thing or place. Simply put I didn’t have the resources to manage living in three places, to buy multiple sets of groceries and divide my posessions accordingly. It may have been more feasible if I had a car and could transport things or creative projects more easily.

However in my case, it overwhelmed my resources and when life was stressful my body needed/craved a consistent place to settle. I am in the process of moving out from one of my partners and feeling burnt out from polyamory. I am curious to know more about a monogamish lifestyle and will see where life takes me next. It seems like a major shift, as I question the very foundation of what polyamory means to me after these (and additional complicating) experiences.


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