What is Glitterpunk?

Glitterpunk is loving without giving a fuck. Glitterpunk is dancing till your bones fall out then dragging a broken butterfly chair out into a standing only dance floor and rocking out more. Glitterpunk is a sex repulsed straight-edge demigirl dancing longer and harder during a festival than anyone else. Glitterpunk is a white guy connecting with aboriginal elders after having a spiritual awakening. Glitterpunk is breaking down all parts of society that nessicitate lying. Glitterpunk is paying more than your half of rent because you make the most money. Glitterpunk is D.I.Y. socialism because we don’t trust anyone to give the world what it needs. Glitterpunk is not hating when they say hate back. Glitterpunk is forgivenness. Glitterpunk is loving technology and believing in basic income. Glitterpunk is believing we all have art worth sharing, and if you want mine to be better quality, help me buy better tools! Glitterpunk is D.I.Y. culturally imposed basic income where those with wealth take on the task of redistribution on their own terms without waiting for massive societial political shifts and fearing taxes. Glitterpunk is building the future we want and seeing how far we still need to go. Glitterpunk is making the accessible without fearing laziness. Glitterpunk is accepting the status quo and fighting like hell to change it.


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