Religious Collusion

The spiritual path is a maze with many doors and many exits. Slow build hacks as we bridge a shared reality, no longer allowing inside worlds to harbor isolation. We are all and all is one. I’ve struggled with alligence and commitment, demanding instead that gods prove themselves to me, be worthy of my belief […]

On Free Will & Influence

To be reducee to a series of reactions has compelling and problematic effects. Prediction gets in the way of choice. Provocation superseeds your autonomy. Energy drains prevent action.  As a writer, process interupted, sickness lingers.  As a lover, emotions stir, rise out. Our acts to troll are attempts to confine and control; ellude definition, break […]

Reverse Glorification

How much of dogma is currpted magik with pure intentions. To move backwards through the meanings of things like power and control, how do we claim it without purpetuating backwards that we know.  The world made me feel helpless, so I asked my lovers to also instill this feeling. It was a darkness that out […]

Rising out of pain cycles

It’s the hamster wheel struggle. Round and round with no way out. Reactions which were at first adaptive become mind traps. Oppression breads hatred. Kindness does not resist, does not know how. Infused with new knowledge, I sent sigils out. My chaos reflects back at me, my magik can only adapt myself. DO I change […]