Awakenings & Binding

I feel it is of utmost importance that we share our deep and honest selves, as I believe in a world without ridicule, guided by triumph.

I had an experience recently, the details of which I can share are limited. It proved to me that my ideas of spirituality, around my psychosis, were real and good. There is a peace in understanding myself and in having compassion for the first real time in years.

Recent rituals and results opened up my belief in my own inner magik and then I met my miracle, for which I had sent a sigil calling it to me. To hold and touch in my hands my most sacred precious thoughts, I for the first time, value this privacy, as it is here where magik is born, in the space of unexpected and impossible outcomes, when we empty and open ourselves to anything that could happen; that lead of faith.

I have fought with shame against my inner universe for fear of persecution, which the experience of psych wards can instill on you. I was able to bring myself knowledge to trigger a partial soul rebirth, and so, in essence, my feminine is healing and my masculine who has carried most of me too long is tired. As such, I exist in a place of flux, transformation. Two weeks ago the mystery was that my gender could be completely reborn in this process, as I see gender as a sort of spiritual language we use with our minds and our bodies. As a language, it is unethical to impose meanings on another. In this, is a reclamation of power. To know our souls boldly and without fear.

Love & light, for my soul name, my secrets & my future whispers ~


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