So my story doesn’t make sense to you

I don’t tell the story of my assault in linear terms. But I have hashed it over so many times as best I can and won’t be quizzed for your comfort.

To all the ignorant folks out there: queer rape is a thing and doesn’t have to involve penetration to be rape.

In other news….

Things have been perking up, as you can see I bought this domain…. so that’s exciting. I made lil cards to promo it too so I guess I am going to have to diversify my content offerings…. I have several ideas for projects or things I want to do this year that will hinge on circumstance and resources. Mostly gonna trust the flow of things…. I had a transformative cold in which the vertigo was so bad I could barely move about for three days and the cough lasted longer and deeper. However, it breached my ability to sing, which may not be good but for the first time in my life I feel like I at least CAN sing. Need to keep remembering the lesson in this as my body rides through the resultant healing crisis…. most of which is just that my body knows what it is doing.

Basically it boils down to being the 25 year old my 13 year old self needed.

Bless and onward 2016


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