charge laid by trolls:

(in reference to my existence)

Humans inability to seemingly tolerate their own diversity is a valid reason aliens might not talk to us.

Question for the serious and your own internal reflection (including my own response):

Would the existence of aliens change the work you are doing in your life?

Overall, I don’t think so. If anything it highlights the importance of what I am doing already. I am striving for a diverse, tolerant and loving earth. I don’t know all the right things to do nor do I do the right things all the time. I am however working towards creating the sort of world I would like to live in, to the best of my ability. Critiques and reflection on our relationships with each other and our relationship to the earth are important right now. I am fighting for internal self-literacy, something that many people may be lacking because we have been deprived these opportunities to know ourselves.

As a disabled and gender variant person I have had to fight to attain this literacy for the sake of survival, without these basics of who I am I might not still be alive. If society as it is provides structures that fit with your identity and body you can lean on it for this internal literacy without realizing, which is why those who exist outside it are read as threats to individuals and the whole of our species, but to oppress/limit people is to stunt the progress of our society, culture and self-knowing. This “self-awareness” that humans see themselves as having distinguishing them from other life is then faulty when we become conscious of the ways we are actively harming our own species for sack of the psychological comfort of a few. Aliens may measure our goodliness and worthiness on a scale of our desire to feed and care for our OWN, as much as we can, without it being at the expense of other beings or the planet.

Our progress may well be altered, hindered or interfered with until we adopt somewhat of a vegan IDEAL (this being different from an rigidly policed ethic). An ideal that recognize a less harmful way of being and empowers others to follow it.

That is, we feed our poor, not just in shelters, not having a rigid definition of what poor, struggling, etc – looks like.

Financially success may (but not necessarily) come at the expense of other kinds of success: bodily success, emotional success, social success; our abilities to have and hold healthy relationships strengthened. Those with power must find ways to disperse it, because we are all well aware of the active work in our society that needs to be done in order to progress. There are caregivers and listeners in our society who might be talking brilliant minds off the fence from suicide, and recently, I have had a few suicide scares within my friend circles.

I believe that, if we are talking our friends out of killing themselves, that we own it to them to help create a world worth living in. Art at it’s core has to power to make or break lives, to rise up hope, communicate understanding. I have had people reach out and thank me for my art. Just a few, but that is more than enough. One would be enough. But there’s so much more I could and must do. To hold in my art not only hurts myself, but hurts others like me who might believe they are alone. When I render myself invisible for powers psychological comfort, I am making it harder for others like me to live visibly, as we quietly retreat to service industry level jobs while holding the potential for radical shifts in social policy, scientific advancement, etc.

Despite being in the top 20% of this area in high school I quietly backed away from the sciences  because I could not see the appeal in them (not having representation of their appeal to people like me). Instead I was more concerned in people and our relations; uncertain of where I fit in the world.

I have yet to prove myself as a social scientist but at it’s core, that is what I am in my life. I am knee deep in digging through and wading through what I know to be true, believing in our possibilities and employing a sort of intuitive knowledge, My goals are not yet focused into a small mission statement or declaration of power.

When my mind exploded three year ago (and yes, I mean, EXPLODED) I had no idea how I would do anything of value, anything that felt right. I have been sitting in half-shattered bits of myself since then, wondering how best to engage my mind safely in the discourse of our time.

Art has proven to be the safest medium for me to interact with. It demands no written proofs, citations of a million moments I have witnessed, just echoes from me as truths that I have seen not demanding that they be any more than that which resonates.

And so, this art, creation, I see that as the value I can give to our species. Helping each other rise out of isolation, bringing out the gifts in each other and loving what comes to life, nurturing each other with gentle love, holding hands until we are ready to rise to our potential, seeing the value in what we give, the spiritual, emotional, artist and intellectual labor all working together across billions of minds: what could we accomplish?

Either we become the species of aliens we dream of meeting


We become something worthy of their attention, bringing the best of us (all of us) forward;

A gentle dance full of love, a relationship across the cosmos where every contributor is honored for their gifts and what they bring. But we can’t accomplish this at a intergalactic scale until we can accomplish this at home; each stranger in the street calling out a potential alien in our midst. What is the impression we are giving them of our species. So often I am afraid to talk to people because I feel like I do not have the power to help them. Used to hand out spare change now my pockets are empty until I can hoard up wealth. Wishing I had just enough that I could do my work without it being at the expense of my body, unsure of how to make my disability visible such that I don’t have to disable myself further. I am stuck between limitations hard to word and hard to label.

I believe as a species we need to work on this: our need to “prove” disadvantage/struggle to uncaring and financially minded judges means our energy is wasted on overemphasizing our weaknesses again and again as opposed to focusing on what we could do, what we want. Our lives and ability to create for the Earth should be valued without impossible tests that may leave us non-functional. We can encourage gifts without struggle, and until we succeed at caring for our owns mental and physical health we have nothing to give aliens but WORK when they, what with that technology that bring them here, access to all that is in the universe, FULL of abundance, just want to play ~ dance ~ dream ~ love ~

with us.


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